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Why do shopping malls use LCD splicing screens? What are the benefits?

  Nowadays, under the background of fast-paced life, more and more consumers have fixed their shopping places in large department stores to achieve fast and convenient results. Therefore, competition among shopping malls is inevitable, and advertising opportunities in shopping malls have also become a must for many businesses. When you walk into many shopping malls, you will find LCD TVs everywhere in the mall, which can broadcast the shops, culture, etc. in the mall. However, using LCD TVs for publicity has a small amount of information, a single way of communication, and is inconvenient for shopping mall management. Therefore, considering these situations, Conway suggested that in large shopping mall halls, LCD splicing screens can be used to replace traditional single LCD TVs.

  Now in the information age, if the specialty stores of shopping malls want to seek more business opportunities in the fierce competition, they need to introduce modern trend elements and innovative themes. Qunmao splicing screen products are characterized by their digital and intelligent Displaying the advantages can not only enhance the image of specialty stores in shopping malls, but also deepen customers' understanding of products.

1. Put the background.

According to its advantages of large screen and full HD, the LCD splicing screen can stand out in no matter how big the place and space is, and show it to every customer in the shopping mall, so as to guide customers to consume; The seamless LCD splicing screen can also be advertised in large places, making the picture vivid, bright and delicate. Even in a busy shopping mall, it can stand out from the noisy environment, grab the attention of new customers, and attract sellers. Lots of people coming!

2. Features

Output circuit: LCD splicing screen supports a maximum of 64 screen output display, and each channel supports a maximum resolution of 1920 × 1080.

Edge screen technology: Adjust the LCD splicing display edge screen, support natural edge screen mode and complete edge screen mode.

Minimal LCD splicing: In large-size splicing applications, it can provide a more ideal splicing display effect than ever before;

Signal superposition: Various image signals can be displayed at any position in a window mode on a high-resolution seamless single logic screen, and can be freely moved and zoomed at will;

Compatibility: Compatible with 32-bit Windows applications and supports multiple language display.

3. Use benefit

The LCD splicing screen can be used for display alone according to different use requirements, or can be spliced into a large screen. The whole machine is safe and durable. Since it is installed in the hall, the safety requirements for the screen are higher. Winbond Technology's LCD splicing screen design is not easy to scratch, dust-proof, oil-proof, anti-electromagnetic interference, and anti-light interference. At the same time, the ultra-quiet intelligent fan is designed to ensure the normal operation of the LCD splicing screen. Not only that, but also has low power consumption, energy saving and environmental protection functions. Now it is very popular in the market.

Placing the LCD splicing screen in the exhibition hall can broadcast the cultural history, service purpose and coverage of various brands of the shopping mall, allowing beginners to understand the brands, cultural heritage and services provided by the shopping mall. During the festival, the LCD splicing screen can also be given to the shopping mall merchants as the background of the event promotion to attract customers and increase the popularity of the shopping mall. The ultra-high-resolution LCD splicing screen can perfectly display all the products in the shopping mall. No matter where it is, it can attract the attention of customers and meet the shopping needs of users; playing information such as product discounts and activities can attract more customers. Customers come to consume, thereby bringing more benefits to the shopping mall; broadcasting commodity or corporate advertisements can make the shopping mall crowded with beautiful pictures, and play business products or corporate advertisements, bringing additional advertising revenue to the shopping mall.

  The improvement of network science and technology has promoted the application of digital information distribution systems. Liquid crystal splicing has been increasingly widely used in the field of commercial display with clear image quality, small footprint and flexible splicing methods. In commercial information display applications , from the beginning of more professional and high-end applications to now covering business, entertainment, public management and many other sub-application fields, especially in the media, real estate industry market demand is strong, driving the rapid development of the industry.

  Therefore, it is the best choice for shopping malls to place LCD splicing screens in the halls of shopping malls!

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