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What are the advantages of using LCD splicing screen in multimedia exhibition halls?

  At present, more and more enterprises in scientific research, product and software development and other occasions, in order to better display their research results, usually build a multimedia exhibition hall, and use large-screen display equipment to change the simple display method in the past. Real-time demonstration, the content displayed on the large screen is usually product information prepared in advance, such as product introduction, research results, enterprise strength, data industry chain, etc.

  With the continuous upgrading of large-screen display technology, LCD splicing screens are currently used in display devices in multimedia exhibition halls. It is the same as TV using LED backlit LCD technology, but compared to TV, LCD splicing screen adopts industrial-grade LCD panel, which can be turned on and displayed all day, and can be spliced together to form a large screen. Its main advantages are as follows :

1. High resolution; the resolution of each LCD splicing screen can reach 1920*1080, and 4K resolution display can be realized after four splicing, so its folding resolution is the highest among all large-screen products, which guarantees In order to make the user feel like watching TV when watching at a close distance, images and text can be clearly displayed.

2. Appropriate brightness; the brightness of LCD is generally around 500cd/m2, which is the case for TVs and LCD splicing screens. This is also the most suitable viewing brightness for human eyes. It will not be dazzling for long-term viewing, and it will not be irradiated by lights. Reflective. In general large-screen display in exhibition halls, the viewing distance of users is about three meters, so the brightness of the LCD is the most suitable.

3. High color contrast; the color contrast determines the brightness and brightness of the displayed picture, which is more suitable for displaying some dynamic effects and can best restore the color of the image itself.

4. It can be spliced and supports simultaneous display of multiple signals; the biggest feature of the LCD splicing screen is that it can be used by splicing multiple screens into a large screen, and the size and quantity can be arbitrarily selected according to the size of the installation location. After splicing, a large screen can be displayed. And it supports the simultaneous display of multiple signals. If we have multiple telecommunications content at the same time, it can also be achieved through a matrix.

5. Stable performance and basically no after-sales; in order to be more beautiful, the large-screen display system in the exhibition hall is usually decorated and wrapped, which requires higher stability of the product, because frequent after-sales has a great impact on decoration. If there is a problem with the screen, it is very troublesome to dismantle it and restore it later. And liquid crystal technology is the most stable display technology at present, as long as it is not impacted by external force, there will be basically no after-sales situation.

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