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Quality Assurance

Qunmao Display manufactures products from initial design, through production, testing and packaging, to transportation and after-sales service. Quality is strictly monitored in accordance with national, industry and enterprise standards for factory inspection.

1. Raw material Procurement

To guarantee the quality of raw materials, our company's procurement is subject to rigorous evaluation by a qualified party. Only after passing inspection can incoming raw materials be warehoused. This ensures that the rate of qualified warehousing reaches 100%. The company prioritises purchasing from national key designated enterprises of high-quality products. A layer-by-layer customs inspection and audit system is in place to ensure this.

2. Production

To guarantee the quality of products, each production stage is rigorously controlled. Workers install a quality tracking system, and our company has introduced advanced equipment and production technology. This provides a solid foundation for the production of high-quality products.

3. Inspection

Our company maintains strict control over the inspection of products to ensure that they are not released for use or leave the factory without inspection. The technicians of the Quality Inspection Department conduct quality inspections on the production process and finished products in accordance with the technical terms of the products, design drawings and relevant standards and quality specifications. They issue the corresponding inspection reports and relevant records after passing the inspection.

4. Control of unqualified products

Our company employs three inspection systems to control unqualified products: self-inspection, mutual inspection and special inspection. These systems are designed to prevent unqualified products and to take effective corrective and preventive measures to eliminate actual and potential unqualified factors. They are also used to prevent product quality problems.

5. Packaging and transportation

The handling, packaging and delivery of the product during the moulding process affects the quality of the product in all aspects of the control process. This is to prevent product damage and ensure that the final acceptance of the product is in accordance with the signed contract and the relevant requirements of the product packaging and protection. This is to ensure that the product is transported to the customer's destination in an intact and undamaged state.

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Quality Control

Qunmao Display adheres to the principle of "operating with standardized processes and speaking with testing data" to carry out comprehensive quality management of products. This is in accordance with the ISO 9001 quality management system, which has been established to provide a perfect quality assurance system. This enables us to achieve sustainable development with quality and efficiency.

Our quality inspection process is perfect.

IQC incoming quality inspection: acceptance inspection of the products supplied by suppliers to ensure the benignity of the enterprise's material inventory.

IPQC/PQC process inspection: to determine the quality of the first piece of the product, thereby improving the success rate of the process products and reducing costs.

FQC/OQC final inspection: comprehensive quality inspection, including packaging, performance, appearance.

QA quality optimization: proposed process optimization programme to improve product quality.

QE complaint handling: external quality explanation, processing, coordination system document control.

TQC (total quality management) is a comprehensive approach to quality that extends beyond product performance to encompass cost, delivery, and other areas. By integrating TQC into our operations, we aim to enhance our corporate reputation.

Our products undergo rigorous testing to ensure they meet the highest standards. They are subjected to IPQC, FQC, Ersascope solder joint optical tester, and other tests, and undergo 100% functional testing, high temperature aging, and high and low temperature testing. This includes ten product quality tests, which are conducted to the international ISO standards. Our products are designed to be safer, more durable, and cost-effective.

Our products undergo a rigorous production process, which includes the combination of artificial and digital elements, the establishment of a communication network, the implementation of intelligent manufacturing management, and the use of a dust-free workshop for each indicator of testing. This ensures the precision, efficiency, and quality of our products, which are designed to meet the highest standards.

The technical R&D team is responsible for the quality control of the ID, customised shell structure parts of the structure of the department, the development of the motherboard drive as the core of the hardware department, the development of the system customisation and secondary development. The software department ensures the quality of the product through continuous testing. The department's expertise is built on a foundation of accumulated technical experience, and its R&D technology is now at the industry's top level. Furthermore, our products have been recognised with numerous innovation and patent awards in the areas of design, mould development, hardware and software development, process manufacturing and other aspects.

Our Products Have Passed CCC,CE,CB,UL,SASO,FC,Ktl,ISO9001,SGS Certification

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