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What are the advantages of vertical advertising machines over other advertising machines?

  With the development and construction of cities and the continuous expansion of the advertising industry market, advertising machines are gradually applied around people's lives, bringing convenience to people's life and work. Among many advertising machine products, vertical advertising machines are the most widely used. It is widely used and one of the most popular advertising machines among customers. Let's briefly interpret the advantages of vertical advertising machines over other advertising machines.

1. Easy to operate

The touch screen of the vertical advertising machine has a multi-touch function, which allows consumers to operate the advertising content at their fingertips, thereby stimulating consumers' desire to buy. In shopping malls, the vertical advertising machine can be more Good integration into interactive links, including independent inquiry of products and acquisition of promotional information, and even more targeted coupon printing.

2. Strong adaptability

Vertical advertising machines have strong adaptability to complex application environments. Generally, strong aluminum alloy and tempered glass are used as shells. The integrated design of effective dustproof and artificial scratches ensures the safety of products. and stable use.

3. Easy to install

The placement of the vertical advertising machine is flexible, which is convenient for users to make adjustments in time according to the market demand. Compared with the fixed application position of the wall-mounted advertising machine, most of the vertical advertising machines can be dragged away, and the installation is more random and flexible. Better meet the personalized application needs of users in the retail industry. Moreover, based on the major premise of flexibility, in the rapidly rising tide of interaction, the vertical advertising machine has successfully created a rather "down-to-earth" interaction, which has greatly improved the cost-effectiveness of use.

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