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  • 75 inch touch control vertical outdoor machine

    Outdoor advertising machine series products are designed with professional and unique ultra-high brightness LED backlight modular cooling components, and the use of the latest international outdoor technology, the overall cooling design with air cooling and air conditioning


Product characteristics

1.1 The whole machine adopts high integration modular design, standardized electrical design, clear working status, can achieve rapid maintenance.

1.2 Long service life, 7*24 hours uninterrupted work, up to 50,000 hours or more.

1.3 IP55 waterproof grade, using outdoor metal paint, moisture-proof, anti-ultraviolet, anti-oxidation.

1.4 High brightness industrial grade LED backlight, brightness up to 2000 cd/㎡, plus 6MM ultra-white high permeability explosion-proof tempered glass, the image is clearly visible under strong light.

1.5 The use of intelligent and precise temperature control system, not only heat dissipation and energy saving at the same time does not affect the display effect.

1.6 Automatic environmental light sense, high temperature protection, lightning protection, anti-leakage protection, over-voltage overload and waterproof anti-theft protection.

1.7 The built-in industrial-grade host board can control the networked generation of digital signage every month anytime and anywhere in the world where there is a network cable network, support 1.8 capacity SATA hard disk SD card storage media and USB2.0, SSB3.0 interface, so that your machine can update programs efficiently through the U disk when there is no network.

1.9 Product specifications Support 1920*1080 high-definition video decoding, while supporting multiple split-screen program playback and RSS, PDF, slides, TXT letter files, etc., for you to perfectly show the charm of multimedia digital advertising.

Structure: Vertical

2.1 The shell is made of 2mm galvanized sheet and sprayed with outdoor powder

2.2 Shell structure design waterproof edge, meet the IP55 protection level

2.3 The protective glass in front of the screen of the whole machine is 6MM ultra-white high-permeability explosion-proof tempered glass

2.4 The whole machine adopts the double-door mode, which can facilitate the maintenance of the internal display screen, glass, cooling components and electronic parts.

2.5 Modular design for easy installation and maintenance.

2.6 The base is designed to be fixed to the ground through mounting holes.

Heat dissipation

3.1 Intelligent straight-through air cooling system, professional and special air-cooled cooling dehumidification design.

3.2 The internal air and external air of the whole machine are isolated, and the internal air is controlled by air cooling circulation.


4.1 Using windows player, support for remote and local program management (customer motherboard does not provide warranty).

4.2 Industrial switching power supply, stable and long life.

4.3 With leakage, lightning protection and other protection configurations.

4.4 Configuring Timers, you can set time switches by day, week, and month.

4.5 Configuring Overtemperature protection. Turn off the backlight of the display when the internal temperature is higher than 55 ° C. The display works properly when the internal temperature is lower than 45 ° C.


5.1 High brightness 55-inch display, brightness up to 2000nit, design life of 50000h.

5.2 The bright display can be clearly visible under sunlight, and the viewing Angle is 178°.

5.3 The display is equipped with an automatic photosensitive system, which can change the brightness of the display according to the ambient light.


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