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Children want to outperform others, so teaching is effective

Children want to outperform others, so teaching is effective

  Especially in the stage of further education, changing the environment, changing the teacher, changing the classmates around, almost everything is starting from scratch.

In today's information age, knowledge is rapidly updated, and there is an urgent need to reform the educational system and teaching model. With the development of multimedia technology and network technology, a brand-new education system, multimedia education network, was born to meet the needs of the times.

  And Qunmao is one of the representatives. It is the first in the industry to focus on the education market and strive to create a multi-functional teaching machine. Its human-computer interaction is suitable for use in family classrooms.

  Qunmao teaching all-in-one machine, simply put, it is advanced teaching equipment. What is different from the past is that it integrates multiple devices such as projection, computer, electronic whiteboard, TV, and audio, instead of presenting the functions of a single device.

Among them, many parents have kept up with the trend of the times and used 55-inch preschool education machines. Placed at home, this can be used as a large 55-inch TV. On weekends, the family gathers around watching TV, laughing and laughing happily.

  Conway's all-in-one teaching machine, one of the simplest applications - multi-touch writing, the entire screen, you can use it as a drawing board. When the child comes back, he is no longer addicted to all kinds of animated TV, and blindly learns various bad behaviors and habits of the characters in the cartoon.

  You can use some children's play time to accompany him to use this "big drawing board" to draw various flowers and animals, and cultivate children's art skills. It is also a hobby. Since childhood, children are better than their peers in some aspects, full of pride Do you have!

If parents are usually busy with work and don't have much time to help their children with homework, that's okay. The Qunmao multi-function teaching machine can download video courseware and online education resources to meet the education of children of different ages. Or you will find that these famous teacher video education courseware is better and more detailed than your own tutoring.

  Maybe many parents will ask, I usually let my children watch TV and play iPad time are stipulated. Why? First of all, I am afraid that children will be addicted to playing and have no intention of learning; secondly, the screen is very harmful to the eyes, and now there are too many children who are short-sighted.

  It is with this in mind that Comway product engineers also realized this problem early. Our smart education tablet adopts high-quality D-LED LCD screen, and turns on the low blue light eye protection mode to reduce the impact of the screen on the eyes, and the child is attentive. While studying, the eyes can be protected, perfect!

  Qunmao, come for more beautiful education, let us join hands to create the future!

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